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Unique geographical location; Turkey, Asia and Europe thanks to the placement of the continents is a unique geographical location between East and West. Central Asia and the Middle East, thanks to the proximity of the new emerging markets creates unique investment opportunities.
Strong international investment track record; About the presence of more than 4,000 foreign-owned company that provides information about the investment environment and opportunities in Turkey.
Fast-growing economy; In the last five years the average growth rate of 5.4%, on average, within a dynamic and thriving economy. The World Trade Organization by Turkey as one of the most dynamic in the world, trading in 20 countries.
Extensive Local Market; With a population of nearly 70 million, and rapidly increasing customer purchasing power, Turkey promises a wide local market to investors.
Skilled, competitive workforce; Turkey's capacity for learning and workforce capabilities, competitive in the demise of opportunities for foreign investors.
High quality standards: developments in production and service sectors is increasing with each passing day the quality-based, many companies will win the European quality Awards and this has proven to be the real Turkish companies.
Energy sources migration path; Turkey, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia, thanks to the geographical proximity to the oil and natural gas as energy sources are very important in terms of transportation.
Telecommunications network; Turkey is one of the most advanced telecommunications network, equipped with State-of-the-art young put the countries ' systems can easily compete.
Strong links to Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the continents of Asia and Europe, and in particular the layout: the Caucasus and Central Asia on strong historical and cultural ties with the Turkic Republics of Turkey in these countries is an important transition in terms of access to markets.


10 REASONS to INVEST in Turkey



The rapidly growing economy; in 2002, 231 billion u.s. dollars of GDP in 2012, an increase of more than three floors 786 billion u.s. dollar rose (TURKSTAT)
Stable economic growth; over the last 10 years, average annual real GDP increased by 5% (TURKSTAT)
Average annual real GDP growth rate of 5.2 percent in 2012-2017 is the fastest growing economy among the OECD member countries and is expected to be a promising economy (OECD Economic Outlook no. 91)
in 2012, the world's largest 16. economy, and the biggest in the EU region, compared with 6. Economics (according to purchasing power parity GDP, IMF WEO)
Over the last 10 years, 123 billion u.s. dollars in foreign direct investment, attracting foreign direct investment for the year 2012 institutionalized economy the most attractive in the world 13. country (A.T. Kearney Foreign direct investment confidence index)
increased by 153% between 2002 and 2012 325 billion US dollars export volume rising from a mature and dynamic private sector (TURKSTAT)


76 million population (2012, TSI)
Compared to the most populous EU young population (Eurostat)
Half of the population under the age of 30.1 (TURKSTAT)
Young, dynamic, educated and multicultural population


27 million young, educated and motivated professional (TURKSTAT)
Increased employee productivity
about 600,000 a year college graduate more than 170 (2012, SSPC)
Half of vocational high schools and technical high schools, including over 700,000 high school graduate (2012, the Ministry of national education)


Since 1997 of the OECD member countries in terms of the restrictions on foreign direct investment is the second largest among the reformer (OECD FDI Regulations Kısıtlayıcılık Index 1997-2012)
The average offering a business-friendly environment the company setup in 6 days (OECD member countries exceeds this period of 12 days)
Extremely competitive investment conditions
A powerful industrial and service culture
All investors equal treatment
over 33,000 foreign-owned company
International arbitration
Transfer guarantee


Transport, telecommunications and energy sectors, the new and improved technical infrastructure
Highly advanced, low-cost sea transportation
Rail transport in Central and Eastern Europe has the advantage of
Most of the EU country well structured public transportation opportunities and direct delivery mechanism


East-West and North-South as a natural bridge between the function of an effective and important markets cost-effective output port
Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East and North Africa on easy access to 1.5 billion in customer
A total of 25 trillion US dollar GDP of the numerous market access

7. European energy CORRIDOR and TERMINAL

An important energy connecting East and West Terminal and gate
The world's proven reserves of more than 70% of the primary energy very close to the regions of Turkey, while the largest energy consumer in Europe, taking place in the West of the country, Turkey's energy transfer is a key point in the region, the energy Terminal


falling from 33% to 20% Tax
The exemption, in whole or in part from the corporate income tax and employers ' social security share support, such as technology development zones, industrial zones and free zones in addition to the tax benefits that apply to land allocation
R & D Law
Strategic investments aimed at reducing imports, large-scale investments and incentives for regional investments

9. CUSTOMS UNION with the EU since 1996

With the EU Customs Union in force since 1996, and 22 with free trade agreement countries
The new free trade agreements are currently being worked on
Accession negotiations with the EU


2002-2012 between 0.1 million the number of broadband internet subscribers, 20 million
2002-2012 between 23 million and the number of mobile phone subscribers 68 million
2002-2012 from 16 million to 55 million, the number of credit card users
2002-2012 between 33 million and the number of airline passengers, rising 131 million
2002-2012 the number of foreign tourists reached 13 million from 31.8 million

Why Turkey should be done in the real estate Investment?

Turkey recently, real estate investors for the most up to date investment field. To join the EU and the status of low prices, a strong economy, Turkey, one of the best real estate investment during this period.
The decline in real estate values into the advantages of investing in stocks means the securities market investment-variable. If you are always looking out for what's going on, and the next, if you are not a professional with the ability to feel the best the market can stay alone. Today, real estate is much more stable and profitable in the long run, but slowly. "Land buy, they don't make anymore," Mark Twain's famous promise, an investor will be asked when you where investment is often alıntılanır. Given the weak performance in the markets over the last few years, real estate investments is definitely much more attractive and less dangerous option. Many fund managers are looking for the real estate market to make a profit.The value of your property will increase from year to year although there is a definite guarantee that, for a while, have the courage to hold their property for those who always wins. Where else can you get a bank loan, you can pay back the loan with a tenant? Why Turkey? This sorts the Turkish real estate sector is a large platform ideal investing are taken into account.
Turkey; The EU accession process, the real estate market in sight these days makes a difference. Turkey is a rapidly growing tourism industry will continue to grow and there seems to be. The growing demands for quality accommodation ideal for real estate investors. With great beaches and climate of Europe's most popular holiday leaves behind. Real estate prices in Turkey are very competitive, and by all indications, more flight, as in the case of the formation of a more mature EU mortgage application will be quickly appreciated the Turkish gayrimenkulünün. Turkey's real estate investors are an extra appeal to a large Turkish population, such as the 70 million: the country constitutes an enormous demand in the real estate, so it is not entirely dependent on foreign investment. EU-Turkey the implementation is successful, then the best places will be much greater demand for quality accommodation. 

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